A contest for a free colonoscopy? CBS Cares continues to set benchmarks in health initiatives with novel compaign on colon cancer


Hey Ladies and friends – This article presents a departure from reproductive mental health but features another issue so important to women’s lives – a healthy colon! Did you know that colon cancer affects women in equal numbers to men?  You and your friends, parents, neighbors and community need to know about – and participate – in the latest creatively astute initiative from CBS Cares.


 Last night during 60 Minutes, CBS Cares launched their newest health care effort to encourage colonoscopy – and the best part? You can enter a contest to win a free colonoscopy  which includes round trip airfare to NYC for two people and  three nights of luxury accommodations in a Loews Regency Hotel suite. As most individuals experience rapid recovery from this one day outpatient procedure, you still have two days to enjoy NYC with the relief of knowing you have cared for your colon.


 The fingerprints of Matthew Margo,  Senior Vice President of Program Practices at CBS Television Network and the dedicated team at CBS Cares are highly evident in the combination of humor, information and encouragement which characterizes this engaging and life-saving campaign. From the intro that will leave you smiling, to the great interview with expert Dr. Paul Miskovitz, to the actual contest you can enter for a totally free colonoscopy – CBS Cares never fails to present a compelling case for attention and action to their featured issue.


 Acknowledging the fear that may cause some individuals to avoid or postpone this life saving test, common barriers to colon care compliance have been removed by the offer of transportation, expert medical help, humorous encouragement and reward!


 The colonoscopy for the lucky winner will be performed at the Center for Specialty Care by author/specialist Dr. Paul Miskovitz — a leading gastro-enterologist in New York City and expert on colorectal cancer.  You can read the interview with Dr. Miskovitz on the CBS Cares website which offers more information about colorectal cancer


 CBS Cares is an award winning division of CBS Television network which continuously demonstrates its commitment to helping Americans understand the facts about crucial health and social conditions. Through a combination of expert consultation, responsible story lines in primetime shows, news features and public service announcements, CBS has contributed more than $200 million in PSA’s (public service announcements) since 2008. These successful campaigns have included many issues critical to women and children including Breast Cancer, Child Abduction, Child Advocacy, Children’s Health, Depression, Heart Disease, Menopause, Osteoporosis, Parenting, Suicide Prevention, Violence Prevention (including spousal and child abuse) and Postpartum Depression.


Too often the media feeds us sensational and disconnected bits of information, but CBS Cares is an example of a serious convergence/coordination of network resources to engage viewers in maintaining and increasing their individual and community wellness. 


 The postpartum depression campaign was initiated with a sensitive storyline on their Primetime Series Cold Case, a compelling public service announcement by Cold Case star Kathryn Morris (which  offered women a number to call that very moment if they needed help) and a news feature on the CBS Early Show. In addition, the CBS Cares website presented interviews from top experts in women’s reproductive mental health and links to helpful organizations. Throughout the following year, the public service announcements were seen by millions of viewers on land as well as in the air on over 30,000 American Airline flights! A Spanish version of the PSA presented by Cold Case star Danny Pino was offered, free and unbannered to any Hispanic network who wished to air it (that offer still stands by the way!).


 So ladies, go enter the contest and then start clicking and sending – you never know whose life you may be saving. Profuse thanks to Leslie Moonves at CBS Television network and the CBS Cares team for your philanthropic investment in the health of American families.

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