CBS Cares taps the talented Dr. Schloffengut for new announcements encouraging prostate screening!

A little off message, but worth noting for the men in your life….

Internationally renowned urologist, Dr. Werner Schloffengut, recently revealed his relationship with CBS Cares as their spokesman for the newly created public service announcement on the importance of prostate screening exams.

The controversial doctor, who holds board certifications in many health disciplines including psychiatry, gynecology and urology – and amazingly is also a licensed pilates instructor- agreed to assume the lead role in this critical campaign only if he received top billing over other expert Harvard Medical School urology consultants.

In addition, it was widely rumored that Dr. Schlofengutt had been considering an appearance on the news segment of Saturday Night Live to create a medical feature for the program. His amazing versatility and brilliance (did I also mention he’s an expert on insomnia?) had the offers lining up.

I was able to nab an exclusive interview with Dr. Schloffengut after he was publicly called a “quack” by a spokesperson for the Massachusetts General Hospital:

Dr. Schloffengut, considering all the offers you have had, what made you decide to work with CBS Cares on prostate screenings?

Well, I recently developed and patented the two fingered prostate exam which you can read about on their website. And I felt the PSAs were a good way to advertise it for free!

A two fingered prostate screening? How does it work?

If you have a moment, please bend over and I will show you exactly how it verks.

Ahhh…Dr. Schloffengut, I am a woman and therefore do not have a prostate.

Ahhh yes, vell that’s the problem. Mittout a two fingered prostate exam you can never know for sure!

I think we should change subjects. Any other research that you’re engaged in?

The three fingered prostate exam for non supportive partners. It has been very well received.

Dr. Schloffengut is a creation of the CBS Cares team which continues to reinvent the PSA category with messages that are edgy, different, and always delightful. They deserve substantial credit for their willingness to take risks to save lives. It is testament to their success that an institution with the stature of Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School partners with them.

For further information on this campaign and others, including the PSA’s on postpartum depression by Kathryn Morris and Danny Pino and the critical importance of prostate screenings and essay by TRUE urology expert Adam S. Feldman MD of the MGH/Harvard Medical School (and complete must-read biographical sketch of Dr. Werner Schloffengut), visit

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