Riveting Story of Postpartum Depression Now Available in Spanish!

Sylvia Lasalandra, courageous and philanthropic author, advocate and mother has republished her best-selling book, A Daughter’s Touch in Spanish. With few to no books offering personal accounts of postpartum depression to a growing and underserved population of Spanish speaking mothers, Lasalandra has created a vital and ground breaking contribution.

PPD researchers have published numerous studies lamenting lack of access to informational resources for high risk populations, yet the paucity of such materials remains a major barrier to awareness, detection and treatment in Latino communities. Sylvia’s book brings a crucial resource to this empty shelf.

Dr. Manual Alvarez, Managing Health Editor, FOX NEWS and Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hackensack University Medical Center says: “Sylvia has given the Spanish speaking people a great gift; her willingness to share her journey through postpartum depression demonstrates her unwavering desire for every woman to know that you don’t have to bear this affliction all alone, and that you have to hang on to your loved ones because they play such an important role in winning the battle against PPD. Sylvia – you have such a big heart – you are truly special.”

Websites like Postpartum Support International, Perinatal Pro, The National Hispanic Alliance, MediSpin and others have tried to bridge this gap with basic information, brochures and local resource listings for Spanish speaking populations. CBS was the first major network to address the issue of untreated maternal depression in Latino populations when its CBS Cares Team a Spanish-spoken public service announcement about postpartum depression.

But what was still missing was a book with emphasis on familismo, detailing both the importance of the family in helping a mother recover and the devastation that can be caused within the family unit if appropriate treatment is not received. This book offers a mother’s personal account of what PPD feels like, looks like and how family unity can provide the foundation that begins recovery. A Daughter’s Touch.. in Spanish OR English…is the personal story that can light the spark of initial awareness and lead to life saving treatment.

Sylvia, who has traveled the country promoting national legislation along with Mary Jo Codey, Brooke Shields and others, is insistently committed to education, awareness and intervention. Some of her travels have brought her to economically disadvantaged Latina communities where she was appalled by the lack of resources.

Her response was to have her award winning book, A Daughter’s Touch, updated, translated into Spanish and republished specifically to offer Latina mothers a story that brings recognition, awareness and understanding to themselves and their families.

Sylvia herself is an unforgettable woman, easily connecting to others and and leaving the indelible message that past ignorance and stigma once associated will no longer be tolerated. As a presenter, she initially disarms and charms an audience with her engaging sense of warmth and humor. But the room goes silent as she reveals the heartbreaking experience that followed the birth of her precious Melina.

Reading or listening, past moments of hopeless despair, maternal doubt and agonizing longing for the promise of maternal joy that eludes suffering mothers are powerfully conveyed. The ultimate effect is to recruit her reader or listener into her mission of maternal mental health.

Perhaps for an actress it is gratifying to portray a tragic figure to a standing ovation. But a mother’s revelation of her maternal anguish to the world in an attempt to spare others her fate is a committed life sentence for only the bravest. No standing ovation is recompense for exposure that lays bare a mother’s soul.

Sylvia has donated hundreds of books when budgets couldn’t stretch and has never turned down an invitation to educate if she could possibly manage it. With the printing of the Spanish version of A Daughter’s Touch she extends her embrace to the Latino community.

I am sure you all know an agency, an organization, a facility, community, family or mother who would greatly benefit from Sylvia’s offering of A Daughter’s Touch in Spanish. This deeply moving resource will be eagerly shared among the new mothers for whom its encouraging comfort was meant – and who have gone far too long without such support.

Thank you Sylvia!


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19 Responses to Riveting Story of Postpartum Depression Now Available in Spanish!

  1. Karen Sackstein says:

    Sylvia, you have passed your courage and strength on to so many who have suffered with the horror of PPD and have used your gifts of honesty, compassion, and determination to bring this issue to the forefront in the political arena to effectively implement change. It is wonderful that this literary treasure will now help so many more women and their families in the Hispanic community. I am so proud and honored to know you. Thank you, thank you, thank you – Muchos gracias, muchos gracias, muchos gracias.

  2. Jessica Pagano de Pardo says:

    It is a book every woman should read and share with their daughters, sisters, husbands, family and friends. “A Daughter’s Touch” tells the story of a beautiful and loving Italian American woman who is faced with unexpected and unprecedented feelings of dispair following the birth of her daughter. It reflects the incredible courage Sylvia and her husband, Michael, have when they make the most difficult decision of their lives that would ultimately save the lives of Sylvia and their daughter. The emotion felt from this book gives me goosebumps as I write. I have had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia and her entire family, who are one of the most warm and loving people. I both laughed hysterically and cried while reading this book. Sylvia’s story taught me how serious PPD is and how important it is for family and friends to help. Thanks to Sylvia I was able to help my sister when she showed signs of PPD after her second born. I will one day pass this book to my daughter when she is older.

    Muchos gracias Sylvia por compartir su historia. Compartir esta historia con la comunidad hispana es esencial y sera una pieza de literatura muy valiosa y educativa. Es un final feliz que cada madre merece.

  3. Laura Puch says:

    Sylvia Lasalandra epitomizes strength and courage. She bravely and therapeutically took pen to paper to give the postpartum community a very real perspective on the illness. PPD is obviously debilitating and sometimes fatal. “A Daughter’s Touch,” with Sylvia’s interjections of real-life humor and pain, make this an easy must-read for new mothers. I am so glad that the Spanish speaking community now has this tremendous resource. Thank you, Sylvia, for this and your continued efforts in the PPD arena.

  4. Lori Lazan, R-PA, MPH says:

    After working for 15 years as a medical provider in underserved populations, primarily in latino neighborhoods, I have seen many cases of PPD. Unfortunately up until now there has been little or no literature available for Spanish speaking women. I have read your book ( the English Version)and know that it will be an invaluable tool for Latina women. The information and resources offered are very helpful to women who are at risk or already experiencing symptoms of PPD.

    In addition to writing this book, I know that Sylvia has worked vigorously with Senators and law makers in the area of women’s health to put this disease on the map and to raise awareness.
    My hats off to you for your hard work.
    Sylvia, let’s make sure we keep voting for politicians that make women’s health care a priority!
    God Bless You Sylvia!

  5. Michelle says:

    I met Sylvia early November at the UMDNJ, University Behavioral Health Care dept. I have to tell you when Sylvia started to speak about her struggle with PPD, you could not hear a pin drop. The people in the room were so captivated. Sylvia was so generous in donating her book to the class & offering to sign them for each of us. Sylvia sat there as people approached her to thank her for sharing her touching story & at times consoling a few who had been affected with ppd. She ended the day by making the class laugh. THIS WAS THE MOST POWERFUL SPEAKER I HAVE EVER HEARD SPEAK ABOUT PPD!! I finished her book in 3 hours.
    What an inspirational & beautiful story. Thank you Sylvia. Write another book!

  6. Margaret says:

    Amazing grace, that is how I would describe Sylvia and her efforts to reach out to all who suffer or are affected by PPD. Thank you for opening our eyes and entertaining us with your book in the process. Keep up the good work girl!

  7. Pamela says:

    Thank you , Sylvia , for being brave enough to share your story.
    You are an inspiration to many of us.
    I’m not much of a writer, but my feelings for what you do could fill pages.
    thank you…………………

  8. Kelly says:

    I am so happy to hear that Sylvia’s inspirational book will now be available to a whole new population of people who are suffering PPD or have a loved one suffering. This is an uplifting and honest story that I know has helped so many people understand the complexities of PPD. The spanish speaking community will benefit greatly by the release of this book. Sylvia’s continued support and and enthusiasm to educate and help people with PPD is inspiring to say the least!!

  9. Karen says:

    I am continuously impressed and inspired by Sylvia. She has redefined the expression “When God Gives You Lemons……Make Lemonade” and turned a devastating and dark period of her life into a selfless commitment to help others. As she battled her way to the light she took note of the holes in her care and vowed to fill them so that others wouldn’t have to suffer the way she did. Her book and her redirected life’s path are exemplary of her distain for this disease and her devotion to its destruction. The world is truly a better place because of her and I consider myself privileged to know her. I am so very proud of you Syl Syl.

  10. Carmela Ribaudo says:

    Oh my God!!! This story should be a movie!! It is a beautiful tale of a very strong woman. I loved it and Yes I cried!!! A-lot!! I related to Sylvia’s Story, or should I say A real and Serious problem that effects all woman at different levels. She is a Hero for telling her story in such an explicit manner!! It takes True courage to tell of such a most vulnerable part of her life. I admire her courage and fight to take control of her life with the help of her friends and family and most of all her Husband. What is really special is that she draws much of her strength from her daughter, Melina. She is ultimately a Beautiful Mother with a story to tell, and how great is that!!! This story is even available in Spanish, absolutely wonderful!!

  11. Linda says:

    A Daughter’s Touch was one of the most “touching books” I’ve ever read (in one night). It made me cry and laugh out loud! It helped me understand how seriously dangerous PPD can be. I also related to this book regarding my own Depression. The feelings and thoughts and not being able to reach out to people afraid they won’t understand or think I am bad or crazy! Sylvia is truly blessed to have so much Love in her life and now has found a wonderful way to give it back to others. She “walked the walk” and came through stronger to become a “Crusader” against PPD- working deligently to change laws and educate women, men, families and practitcioners. Go Girl!

  12. Laura says:

    Congratulations Sylvia! A Daughter’s Touch is an eye-opening and inspiring true story that all women can benefit from reading. Sylvia is committed to helping any and all women who may be at risk or who may be suffering with PPD. Being able to connect with the Hispanic population will help spread the message that you are not alone and that help is available.

  13. Tamisha says:

    Sylvia’s book is written with such grace, humor, pain and humanness that anyone can easily relate to it. She allows the reader to experience the anguish and triumph of PPD through her bravery. Now that it is available in Spanish, more women can benefit by learning how important it is to speak up when they are down. Well done Sylvia!

  14. Maureen says:

    This is fantastic news! The more women and familes who will have the opportunity to experience Sylvia’s extremely honest & poignant story the better! Hopefully this will help increase the awareness of PPD throughout Spanish speaking communities as well as society as a whole. The is an incredible book that is not only brutally honest and informative in conyeying the seriousness of PPD but is also enjoyable to read because Sylvia speaks in a voice that you recognize…the voice of your sister, your daughter, your best friend.

  15. Way to go Sylvia! Thank you for your courage and for working to make sure your story is available to Spanish-speakers as well!

  16. Andrew says:

    Yes, I know it may seem odd for a man to read this book, but the truth is, it was riveting from the first page. Sylvia Lasalandra writes like it’s a thriller, and you can’t stop turning the pages. And having got to the emotional climax, I’m glad I read it. I think the whole family of anyone having a baby should read this.

  17. Ronnye Randall says:

    WOW! This is an incredible book. Sylvia’s often brutal honesty is tempered with enough humor so that it is, despite the subject matter, a joy to read — as well as being incredibly informative. It reads like a movie. (Maybe it should be one!) What a travesty that most people are completely unaware of the symptoms and effects of PPD, including most doctors! This should be compulsory reading for every woman having a baby (and her husband) as well as for all pediatricans and GPs.

  18. Sara says:

    This book is simply amazing! Sylvia’s ability to tell her story with her struggle with PPD is pure BRIILIANCE!! I have also had the honor to hear Sylvia speak (twice) & the audience is in awe when she talks about her personal story with PPD…I’ve seen men cry. IT’S SIMPLY THE BEST BOOK about PPD out there…It’s the real deal. I’m sure the Latina community are so grateful for you translating your book in Spanish. THANK YOU SYLVIA!!!!!!!

  19. Marianne Murray says:

    I never knew the magnitude of how PPD can affect so many lives. Sylvia’s story was enlightening, sad and yet so funny at times.
    I’m grateful for people such as Sylvia who are heroic in sharing such a personal journey. Her book will surely help many from all walks of life.

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