Post Script to Veterans Day Event

Dear friends, visitors and bloggers:

Thanks for all the good wishes received regarding yesterday’s Service Nation event. Here is a photo. It was exhilarating and humbling. The words of our servicemen and women in expressing the challenges of multiple, successive deployments, the impact of war on their lives as fathers, mothers and then civilians, the loneliness of civilian life at times, was profoundly moving and the most important part of yesterday. Despite all these challenges, their commitment to serve and risk all for this country and those they love is a uniquely staggering consideration.

Being in the company of our First and Second Lady, Alma Powell and standing up to represent PSI was thrilling, but the messages of yesterday, the realities faced by military families, elicits a powerful call for civilian action. From us. From you and me. NOW.

We can read about this, but hearing it from soldiers from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Reservists, compounded both the strength of the message, the need for better care and the unending sacrifice underscoring the urgency of response. Lives are not ended only by war, but at times, by the emotional impact of war. On mothers, infants, the deployed, and those at home. Our issue of postpartum depression is but one on the spectrum of mental health challenges faced.

The need for services for these families has never been greater. If you are a licensed mental health professional, won’t you donate a weekly hour of your time to help a military family? You can do so by going to the Give An Hour website. We are safe in our homes because their valience offers us that assurance. Consider the price of your daily security in terms of each soldiers life and commit to honor that through more than words and an annual day of recognition. This isn’t about politics or pro or anti war stances. This is about the current reality of military life.

Thank you.



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