2020 Mom Project introduces summary video!

The 2020 Mom Project

In one of the most concise historic summaries of America’s challenges in maternal mental health, the 2020 Mom Project has introduced a video highlighting the road journeyed thus far and continuing obstacles to helping mom’s and providers access the services they need to recover from pregnancy related mental health challenges. Click here or on the link above to watch the video!

Read below for further information on this welcome initiative!

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2013 – The California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative (http://www.camaternalmentalhealth.org/), a non-profit organization committed to increasing and improving maternal mental health awareness, diagnosis and treatment, today announced that Cigna (NYSE:CI) is the first health service company to adopt the 2020 Mom Project’s (www.2020MomProject.com), Health Insurer recommendations. Cigna covers 12.6 million people throughout the U.S. In addition, both the Henry May Newhall and NorthShore University HealthSystem agreed to be the first hospitals to adopt its Hospital recommendations. The announcement was made on the heels of the official launch of the 2020 Mom Project in conjunction with National Women’s Health Week, May 12 through 18, 2013 (http://womenshealth.gov/nwhw/) (see today’s announcement, “The National 2020 Mom Project Campaign Launches. . .”).

“For many new moms and moms-to-be, depression and other mood disorders make it difficult to feel the joy of motherhood,” said Doug Nemecek, M.D., chief medical officer for Cigna’s behavioral health unit. “At Cigna, we understand that a mother’s emotional health is just as important as her physical health, which is why we’re proud to support the 2020 Moms Project as an adopter of its Health Insurer Recommendations. Increased depression screening for pregnant women and new moms, and better access to appropriate mental health care for moms with mood and anxiety disorders, are essential to creating happy, healthy families.”

“Henry Mayo is pleased to be one of the first adopters of the 2020 Mom Project Hospital recommendations. We know the value of helping moms during this precious time and are thrilled that we have a chance to showcase this commitment publicly,” said Sally T. McGann, director of maternal child services.

“NorthShore University HealthSystem has long been committed to supporting and improving maternal mental health and is proud to adopt the 2020 Mom Project recommendations for hospitals,” said Richard Silver, M.D., Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NorthShore and Associate Dean, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. “NorthShore firmly believes that the well-being of a family is dependent on all facets of a mother’s health and is dedicated to fostering positive outcomes for families by improving maternal mental health.”

Any insurer or hospital can adopt the recommendations by reviewing the guidelines and signing an on-line agreement including the date they will complete implementation. This information is then available for anyone to search online. The recommendations will be updated each year and adopters can choose to adopt the latest, more stringent recommendations, or an earlier version.

“It is our hope that by involving stakeholders, such as hospitals and health insurers, that we will realize significant change in the systems used to inform and treat pregnant women and new mothers so fewer will have to suffer from maternal mental health disorders,” said Joy Burkhard, project director of the 2020 Mom Project.

About the 2020 Mom Project and the California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative

The 2020 Mom Project is a national campaign of the California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative (“The Collaborative”). The Collaborative is a non-profit organization and was formed in September 2011. The California Maternal Mental Health Collaborative is in part the result of the passage of California Assembly Concurrent Resolution 105, which declared May as Perinatal Depression Awareness month in California. ACR 105 also urged private and public stakeholders to form a volunteer task force to address opportunities for increasing awareness of and screening for maternal mental health disorders. The collaborative includes over 30 members representing for-profit, non-profit and government organizations, including representatives from the regional collaboratives/task forces in the state of California. Its members include a wide representation of the community: medical and mental health professionals, educators, community advocates and individuals who have experienced these disorders.

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