Introducing Jammies by Hélène Lauré – Onesies that fight Postpartum Depression!

Imagine a very talented French designer – Hélène Lauré– who has already made her mark in the fashion industry. Her clothing has been carried by Bendels, Bloomingdales, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and other upscale stores. She becomes deeply moved by the issue of postpartum depression and takes action! Not only does she create the most adorable line of infant pajamas you will ever see, but donates a percentage of the profits to an organization supporting mothers struggling with PPD!

Jammies by Hélène Lauré are heartstopping “onesies for a cause” adorned with little critters – each with its own fascinating story – and brilliantly packaged in a reusable, decorative little jam jar!!

Jammies by Hélène Lauré are a tender creation designed to wrap a newborn in the purest, most delightfully festooned fabric of 100 per cent pure cotton jersey while funding the fight against postpartum depression – “onesies for a cause!”

Hélène company, Two mice, a Bear and a Bunny LLC, has vowed to contribute 10% of the profits from sales of these precious onesies to Postpartum Progress Inc, the non-profit organization associated with Postpartum Progress.

Jammies by Hélène Lauré offers the opportunity to purchase a darlingly novel gift while supporting the new non-profit arm of Postpartum Progress, a website which has been in the trenches with new mothers for years!

In considering with whom to partner in this philanthropic endeavor, Postpartum Progress’s non-profit entity was ultimately selected for several important reasons:

1. Postpartum Progress is the world’s most widely read blog on postpartum depression. PPP may be the very first resource a mom encounters when she is searching for answers at 2 AM. Due to stigma and lack of awareness, less than 15% of all mothers who struggle with postpartum mood disorders ever seek treatment. Early engagement can save lives! If a struggling mother finds her way to Postpartum Progress, she will feel embraced, not judged, receive answers to many of her questions and be guided to solid resources for help.

2. Postpartum Progress is inclusive. It’s not just about one particular non-profit, one foundation, or one person (although we commend all advocacy!) Katherine publishes information about every reputable PPD related organization, provider, author, and resource. Every forum, conference, training, meeting, new research, legislative effort, articles, and media presentations from around the world are featured and encouraged.

3. Postpartum Progress facilitates critical connections! All this information helps mothers find the help they need, and gives healthcare practitioners the educational and research updates they need to provide better evidenced based treatment.

4. Postpartum Progress is about the mothers! Since she started Postpartum Progress, Katherine Stone has never lost sight of her goal – to reach out to women who may be suffering, take their virtual hand and walk them to the next step. Katherine is a survivor who doesn’t just bravely reference her own story, but that of your daughter’s, your friend’s, your sister’s, your wife’s. Her goal is to make moms aware that symptoms of PMAD’s can be different in each woman – that they may not be exactly similar to what you see in the media or like your next door neighbor’s, or even feel the same as your last post-pregnancy experience.

5. Postpartum Progress does not require membership or dues. Postpartum Progress has been largely funded by one person. Katherine Stone. In her passion for this cause, Katherine has donated her own time, energy and personal funds to birth and sustain the comprehensive resource which exists today. She knows that the new mothers to whom she reaches out often do not have any extra dollars or may need to fund their own life-saving recovery – treatments which may not be covered or accessible through insurance.

6. The goal of Postpartum Progress Inc., is to fund as many of its own or others programs out there! The funding received through Jammies for Babies by Helene Laure will allow disbursement of grants and financial support to both PPI projects and other initiatives supportive to maternal mental health. Of course, the extent of this outreach will depend on PPI’s own funding. But with no major overhead, more of PPI’s funding dollars go directly services.

Please Facebook, Tweet, forward, repost and Pininterest the heck out of this announcement. Tell everyone you know. With over 4 million births each year creating a billion plus baby industry in this country alone, perhaps we can garner some needed dollars toward the fight against postpartum depression through Jammies by Hélène Lauré.

My deepest thanks go out to Hélène Lauré for her creative philanthropy and to Katherine Stone for the life-saving resource of Postpartum Progress. While we now have effective treatments and programs that combat these illnesses, access and funding remain our greatest challenges. Here’s the perfect way to send a fantastic gift and help meet the challenge of postpartum depression.

Order your pair of Jammies by Hélène Lauré by clicking here now!

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