Katherine Stone appears on Fox News from BlogHer Conference speaking about Postpartum Depression

Sometimes, the media presents responsibly when discussing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Sometimes, they really listen to women who have gone through these experiences and do not attempt to edit, sensationalize, direct content or minimize the importance of getting the message to all women of child-bearing age.

Kudos to FOX News and Erica Fox for this excellent segment on PPD with Katherine Stone. Erica encouraged Katherine to really talk about the issue, how her blog came to be, its purpose, reach and results… that Postpartum Progress is now the NUMBER ONE BLOG in the WORLD on PPD.

It is time to “mainstream” this information to women – that mood disruptions during and after pregnancy of varying intensity and symptoms are common, yet highly treatable if a mother seeks help! Katherine’s passionate, yet reasonable and down to earth voice is getting the facts out there to those who need to know. (It sure doesn’t hurt that she is a beautiful and eloquent red head!!) Thank you to Katherine and FOX News for this engaging segment.

Take a look at this segment and feel free to repost!

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